Asthma Awareness Open Day 28 July 2014 – The Square Pharmacy

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Asthma Awareness Open Day 25 July 2014 – Southern Suburbs Pharmacy

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Asthma Awareness Open Day 25 July 2014 – Pierau Pharmacy

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Asthma Awareness Open Day 3 July 2014

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Asthma Awareness Open Day 26 June 2014

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Circle Pharmacy


An asthma awareness day was held at Circle Pharmacy in Somerset West on the 18th September 2013. The following services were available to those that participated in the event – Face painting, balloon modelling and a photographer to take and print pictures of adults and kiddies with […]

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Ackermans Pharmacy


Ackermans Apteek held their Breathe Free pharmacy launch on the 2nd August 2013. At the event 50 peak flow readings were performed. Ackermans Pharmacy is a Breathe Free pharmacy offering asthma education and inhaler device training. To set up an appointment please call 011 828 9000 or […]

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Baker Street


Baker Street pharmacy launched their Breathe Free clinic on the 8 June 2012. Ryk Neetlhing – our Cipla Asthma ambassador – joined on the day to share his experience with asthma and how he manages his condition.45 peak flow meter tests were performed and were necessary patients […]

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Dischem Olympus


On the 27th March 2014, Dischem Olympus launched their Breathe Free asthma clinic. The event served as an educational day informing those with asthma how to correctly manage their condition and for those who were not aware they may have asthma, to recognise their condition and seek […]

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Mopani Total Pharmacy

On the 13th March 2013, Mopani Total pharmacy held an asthma screening day in which 98 patients participated in the peak flow testing. Of these 98 patients, 36 patients were referred back to the clinic for further investigation and education. 7 patients needed urgent intervention and were […]

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